Decatur School Uses Fish Poop To Grow Interest In STEM Fields

Researchers say the United States is short on students who are pursuing science, technology, engineering and math careers – the group of subjects known as STEM. And educators worry that even fewer students from minority and low-income backgrounds are receiving a high-quality STEM education.

At the McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, principal Brian Bolden is hoping to use fish to change that trend

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“Affluent school districts, they have every resource they need to have access to,” Walker said. “The major companies in this space drive their products based on prices. So if you get into other school districts in poor communities, they can’t afford access to this technology. So since kids are not able to see it in use, they don’t know it exists. They’re using antiquated methods, which makes them think these STEM-related careers are boring.” ~ Laron Walker