Mantis EDU is very excited to congratulate Lanier High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia on the recertification of their CDAT STEM program. Lanier’s CDAT STEM program is one of fewer than 20 programs in the entire state and it is the ONLY one recognized by the Partnership for 21st Century Schools. Mantis EDU is honored to have been a part of the process that that lead to Lanier High School achieving this monumental feat. #STEMGeorgia #STEM@GwinnettSchools

Mantis Edu’s CEO Laron Walker recently visited Lanier High School and exposed the STEM students to IOT (Internet Of Things) and Big data. Each kid, equipped with a #MantisEDU ClimateTag Sensor and a #Chromebook, collected environmental data in real time. The data, stored on their respective Chromebooks, was then filtered and visualized through the use of #GoogleSheets. This exercise gave the students the chance to emulate the use of IOT and Big Data and it also allowed them to see how the data can be shared and then converted into physical solutions for real life problems.

Students in the Lanier CDAT program also were introduced to Mantis EDU’s beta version of their #MakeCode Editor, a tool which uses a blocking scheme similar to the one the Scratch coding tool uses but it also offers the students the ability to view their coding process in java scripts. This concept allowed the students to not only learn how to develop codes through a plug and play design but how to also develop codes by writing them themselves.

The partnership between Mantis EDU and #LanierHighSchool is an example of what success looks like when we integrate the worlds of tech education and tech professionals. Mantis EDU’s CEO Laron Walker stated “I had a great time working presenting a session on Big Data and IOT with Mike Reilly and the smart kits in the CDAT STEM program. I always enjoy exposing kids to CS principles that we use in industry, the geek in me is very excited.” This statement alone represents the foundation upon which Mantis EDU stands and it defines why Mantis Edu is eager and determined to keep its hands on the pulse of STEM education and the progression of our future techies.