Explore. Experiment. Create.

Our turnkey kits, probes, and sensors will turn your classroom, camp or after-school program into a hands-on, immersive experimental learning space equipped to engage students in solving real-world problems.

Inspiring the minds of today to create the innovations of tomorrow.

MANTISEdu opens the world of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Hydroponics to K-12 students. Our intelligent connected prototype kits empower students to discover, experiment, and invent the ideas of the future.

MantisEdu, in action.

For more videos, experiment ideas, and stories, check out Mantis In the Real World.

How it Works.

With a variety of sensors, probes the MANTIS™ platform brings STEM experiments and lessons to life with real world use cases. Our lessons were developed by educators and industry experts, and are aligned to state standards.


Our wide array sensors and probes allows students to collect data on temperature, pH, conductivity, acceleration, motion and more in interactive ways.


Use the MANTIS™ app, or Scratch inspired desktop app, to analyze and visualize real time data communicated from our sensors and probes.


Interact with data collected in real time to create code, control and design experiments that respond to environmental conditions.

Classrooms, Camps, and Beyond.

Providing educators everything you need to build immersive learning experiences

Empower your students to develop engineering and innovative mindsets by experimenting and engaging with emerging technologies like IoT, hydroponics, artificial intelligence, robotics and more.

Standard-aligned lesson plans, easy-to-implement classroom kits, and online and in classroom training options make it easy for any educator to bring STEM to life.

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