Combination of a hardware and coding app for STEM learning, experiments and hobby.

Mantiscode is about integrating national frameworks with teaching math and science to create unique integrated STEM activities. The primary focus of these lessons is teaching math and science. We have integrated Mantis sensors to provide software and hardware coding experience and to enrich scientific experiments with real-life data.

MantisCode app integrates the popular Scratch block coding platform with custom libraries that enable connecting probe and sensor hardware from Mantis and lessons within the app. This app can be used with or without code lessons.

Create code from scratch, integrate data from Mantis sensors in an app, or create your own experiments.

The MantisCode app includes three main modes:

  1. A Scratch Playground to start a blank code file and build any app. This includes access to libraries that connect the Mantis App and can be used online or offline
  2. Integrated Lesson files that enables you and your students to easily access lesson files within the app; and
  3. Example projects using Mantis Sensors that you can start from.

Access the MantisCode lessons.

We provide you access to all the lessons or you can access lessons that require the Mantis sensors or those that do not in their own buttons. Accessing these lessons is limited to participating teachers and require you to be logged in to your account.

Lessons that use the Mantis sensors require the teacher/students to have access to the specific sensor in their classroom.

All coding lessons require the use of the Mantiscode app that you can download and install from the section below.

Customized professional development (PD) workshop for teachers.

Our PD is designed to work with math and science teachers that have no to little experience in computer science to help them integrate them within their classrooms. Teachers participating in our PD will:

  1. Learn how to integrate computer science with math and science
  2. Gain access to the MantisCode lessons
  3. Receive the Mantis Sensors and related hardware (optional)
  4. Provide feedback on the training, lessons, and future development of this program

If you are interested in having a Computer Science PD Workshop in your school or district, please click here to contact us.

System Requirements for Windows, MacOS and Chromebooks:

  • A computer that support Bluetooth 4.0 or Later
  • Access to a web browser (Chrome or Edge Preferred).

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