Moisture Probe

Show your plants, how much you love!

Our soil moisture probe can tell when your plants need watering by how moist the soil is in your flowerpot, green house or yard. Along with our free scratch app use it for aquaponics, home automated watering system, or just use it educate your little ones.

Open Guide

  1. Factory Calibration
    The probes are ready to use out of the box.

  2. Temperature Sensor
    Ambient Temperature sensor (-20 C to 50C operational) with accuracy to (+/- 0.3 C)

  3. DSP Engine
    The SOC is host to a powerful digital process engine that not only computes the soil moisture content but is also capable of cross correlation soil type via IOT connectivity.

  4. Ambient/ UV light meter
    Visible light (400nm to 800nm) @ 16 Bit resolution. UV Spectral Response (300nm to 380nm) @ 16 Bit resolution

  5. Lithium Coin Cell
    Inexpensive easily changeable 2450 coin-cell capable of providing a year plus of sensor operation

  6. Water Resistant Enclosure
    Water resistant enclosure means this probe will stand up to outdoor showers making this sensor a truly deploy and forget moisture probe when paired with our IOT STEM gateway
  • Scratch Compatible
  • Variable reporting intervals
  • Bluetooth enabled sensor
  • Cross correlating powerful digital process engine
  • Long battery life

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