Temperature Probe

The Mantis Stainless Steel Temperature Probe technical specifications are:

  • Temperature Range:  0⁰ C to 100⁰ C
  • Maximum Temperature before damage:  120⁰ C
  • 16-bit resolution with self-calibrating AFE
  • Temperature sensor: PT100
  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Response time (time for 90% change in reading): 15 seconds (in water, with stirring)
  • Still Air is a poor conductor of Heat and probe can take in excess of several minutes to reach steady state with the ambient environment.
  • Probe dimensions: Probe length (handle plus body): 150 mm
  • Stainless steel body: length 115mm, diameter 6.5mm
  • Probe handle: length 35 cm, diameter 16mm

The Mantis Stainless Steel Temperature Probe can be used to measure temperature in many of your science projects.  The probe is very robust but a few situations should be avoided with the temperature probe:

  • NEVER submerge the plastic sensor end in any liquid as it is not waterproof
  • NEVER exceed the 120⁰ C maximum temperature or you may permanently damage the probe
  • NEVER leave the temperature sensor in a strong base solution for more than 48 hours
  • NEVER leave the temperature sensor in a strong acid solution for more than the limits stated in the exposure time chart below
  • Exposure to strong acids, bases or saltwater will cause the stainless steel to become discolored.  This does not affect the performance of the temperature probe.

Some things you should do:

  • ALWAYS wash the temperature probe after ever use
  • ALWAYS keep the plastic end of the sensor dry
  • ALWAYS follow the storage recommendations for the temperature sensor

The Stainless Steel Temperature Probe is ideal for experiments in the chemistry lab, biology lab or physics lab.  The probe is also ideal in gathering data outside of a lab situation!

  • Measuring weather
  • Measuring rates of chemical reactions (endothermic and exothermic)
  • Measuring specific heat
  • Measuring insulation effects

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